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Hi all,

This is my web_notepad I use to study and memorize things about some IP networking stuff, when I have time I lab things I’m studying and I post my tests here, I hope this can help someone else. But please, read carefully this disclaimer:




In these pages you find MY personal thinkings about a subject i’m studying and results of MY TESTS, it’s likely you can see some mistakes, if something it’s wrong for you, please, do YOUR OWN TESTS and VERIFY. Don’t use info you can read here in production environment, if you need to do that, please reference the official documentation at [CCO web-site]

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2 thoughts on “My learning space

  1. Hello,

    Your blog is very useful, you explain very well and present interesting scenarios based on INE topology which I use to study. Please continue with these posts. Some of them are in italian, could you change to English? I am following you because this information help me a lot to study for CCIE LAB EXAM

    • Hello Cesar,

      thanks, anyway I have no time to update this blog regularly and more important to review it, sometime I write something new (for example I posted a little article about MulticastVPN) when I have to go deeper in some scenario or protocol based on problems I found working with my customer, I used INE topology some time ago when I was preparing my CCIE and I spent many many hours labbing different scenarios, this was very useful to me to learn the concepts, try your own lab if you can and if you have time. I wish all the best for you.

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